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Team Nash Ninja Warrior

Logo and Identity

Team NASH logo design

With this logo I had the great honor of redesigning the branding and look for Nashville based Ninja Warriors, TEAM NASH. They wanted something that was dynamic, exciting, and referenced the Japanese roots of the Ninja Warrior competition. It was a blast designing this mark where the icon was loosely based on the characters “TN” as well as an abstract formation of a body in motion. The look and logo is used on the Facebook page, t-shirts, hats, business cards and most impressively it has been painted on the Warped Wall that looms over their course! Doesnt get much more fun than that. Check these guys out! They are all amazing athletes, expect to see them on the show this season.


Team NASH logo design

Team NASH logo icon design Team NASH business cardsTeam NASH facebook

I even dabble in photography so I found it a cool opportunity to take a few shots of this wicked course and try to convey size of these obstacles.

cliffhanger quadsteps salmonladder sliderjumpTeam NASH group picture