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Logo, branding, promo materials, ad design

Metal Nation logo

This was a project where I was tasked to imagine and brand a fictional island. Treating it almost like a government entity I designed the logo, flag, maps, signage, advertisements, and even a web interface. My island was that of METAL NATION. A place themed around heavy metal music, so the aethetic was very high energy, bold, and dramatic. The entire nation was divided into districts that were subgenres of heavy metal and their roles were based around those genres. For example, the Folk District was where the museums and history of the island were located, while the Melodic District housed things of a finer taste such as high end restaurants. Overall, the assignment was a blast and I had the chance to apply a brand to many different materials.

Metal Nation flagMetal Nation Ad Metal Nation CD case Metal Nation CD case Metal Nation map Metal Nation signage Metal Nation signage Metal Nation web comp