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Yield: Feeding the World

Integrated Campaign: Logo, Posters, Motion Graphics, Postcards, Website

Yield campaign logo


Yield is a fictional farming campaign to raise agriculture awareness with various promotional materials. The goal was to show the importance of modern agricultural techniques to feed the growing population of the world. The campaign is established with design pieces of branding, logo design, posters, postcards, motion graphic animation, and a website. My capstone project for my design degree at MTSU.

Yield Postcard 1 Yield Postcard designYield Postcard 2 Yield Posters Yield wall posters Yield wall postcards Yield wall

Dirt texture yield-web-comp-1 yield-web-comp-2 yield-web-comp-3 yield-web-comp-4 yield-web-comp-5

This was a design project intended to re-brand the idea of farming. Big business documentaries that are smattered across Netflix are very one sided so I wanted to use branding and communication to show the benefits of modern farming and how these techniques are good for the world.

It began with the logo design which saw many iterations and complex themes but was eventually whittled down to a basic and friendly design with the Myriad typeface and modified “y” to become a stalk of wheat. The next major piece was the motion graphic video that spells out the entire campaign with kinetic typography and moving elements to tell the story in an engaging format. The end directs the viewers to the website which houses the bulk of data on the subject.

I designed and coded a static HTML single page website that walks users through the problem, the history of modern farming, crop protection, and developing biotechnology.

These major pieces were supplemented with promotional materials such as posters and postcards that serve as advertisements for the cause. This was a broad assignment that allowed me to put many design skills to use to make a functional and effective campaign.

Not to mention, it won 3 Student ADDY awards.