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Fusion Social Network

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This is a web application built with NodeJS and MongoDB. It is a social network for friends to share, discover, and recommend music. This was my capstone project for the first half of the Nashville Software School, built in UNDER 3 WEEKS. It utilizes many technologies such as PassportJS social network login, music apis, and …Read More

Nashploration: Civic Web-App

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  New project being launched soon. May 30th – June 1st, I participated with a group of talented developers in the Hack4Change Nashville hackathon. This was a weekend long event where web developers of all sorts were tasked to create web apps from scratch featuring the new data sets released by the city. Our group …Read More


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This project is a simple iTunes clone built OVER A WEEKEND using Node.js and MongoDB to allow users to add artists and albums, as well as upload songs for those albums that can be played back in browser.  VISIT THE WEBSITE  VIEW THE SOURCE CODE TECHNOLOGIES • Node.js • MongoDB • HTML5 / CSS3 • Jade …Read More

Pokememory Game

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This was another front-end game to practice javascript coding. It is a memory game to flip all the cards that match. VISIT THE WEBSITE VIEW THE SOURCE CODE TECHNOLOGIES • HTML5 / CSS3 • Node / Jade HTML templating • Javascript / jQuery

Game of Kings

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This was a front-end Javascript project for school to build a simple checkers game. It was built over a weekend to help develop javascript and jQuery DOM manipulation. I skinned mine with the epic battle of the kingdoms of Westeros. VISIT THE WEBSITE VIEW THE SOURCE CODE TECHNOLOGIES • HTML5 / CSS3 • Node / …Read More

Gundam Builder

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This project was my first real project built in about a day to learn implementing MongoDB with Node to persist data. It is a gundam builder, the user selects parts of some historic gundams to build their own and have some truly epic creations that can be seen even after the infamous refresh. VISIT THE …Read More


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