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Just an update on the Aaron Johnson Design world. I have been working at the ad agency iostudio here in Nashville, TN for about 9 months now. Honing my front-end development skill around HTML, CSS3, Javascript, SVGery, and more. As well as learning new technologies such as PHP, Symfony, and Drupal. Developing all day has been extremely gratifying while I have had the chance to work on great projects like

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 8.05.49 PM

I have worked on a great team to develop several new portions of the National Guard site such as:

My Enlistment Timeline

My Guard Timeline – Check this one out, lots of fun.

As well as rebuilding the state pages for local guard entities. SEE THEM HERE

Want to see a cool Snap.SVG powered map??? National Guard Contacts – Interactive Map


In the excitement of this new job, all my personal website projects had died. But with some AWS fiddling, they are back up and running! Give them a look see!

FUSION – Music Social Network

FARMWARE – Farm Management WebApp

GAME OF KINGS – Javascript powered checkers game

NODE TUNES – Node powered iTunes clone

POKEMEMORY – Javascript powered memory game

GIT-R-DUN – Node powered Todo list

GUNDAM BUILDER – Node powered Giant robot creator

WANT TO SEE MORE OF MY WORK? Check out my portfolio





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