Another update on my time at Nashville Software School. I graduated! We had our big presentation day last Friday and the students were given the chance to speak with numerous employers and show off our work. It was a great six months and I learned so much.

I still have so many plans to keep learning new things as I continue down my web development path. Our second half at NSS was focused on Ruby on Rails. My Rails capstone is called FARMWARE. Check out the project, or just go straight to the website!

It uses many great technologies like:

• Ruby on Rails
• Bootstrap 3
• Sass
• Multiple open APIs
• PostgreSQL
• Javascript
• jQuery

Today marks the beginning of my web development job search. So if you know anyone looking for a bad ass front-end developer I would be glad to talk to them and hopefully make an awesome addition to someone’s team. It is extremely exciting at all the potential prospects.

My list of new things to learn is currently revolving around more front-end technologies like:

• AngularJS
• Yeoman

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